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Refer Friends & Earn Boxes


Hi papergangsters, you can now refer friends to earn free papergang boxes, how can this be done I hear you say? Well it's really simple...

1. Invite your friends via Email, Facebook, Twitter or by sending them your unique link from the refer tab within your account.

2. Let your friends signup for the boxes and the progress tracker will keep you updated on the amount of referrals you have.

3. Earn a free box for every 2 friends you get to join the papergang.

Referral Frequently Asked Questions

Refer a friend is our way of allowing you to gain something from referring your friends to our subscription service. For every 2 friends you get to sign up and order you will be rewarded with a box absolutely free. Click here to get started.
Make sure you're logged into your account, if you're not logged in click here to login.
Then this will be slap bang in the middle:

Hit 'REFER MORE FRIENDS' and then you can either email an invite, share on Twitter or Facebook or even get a bespoke link (which is connected to your account) to invite people to subscribe.
Refer a friend progress tracker will help track your progress towards getting your free box. As you can see there are 3 sad Drews.

Each time a friend you’ve referred signs up a Drew will light up and smile with happiness.

Once you’ve reached all 3 referrals all the Drews will be highlighted and you would’ve reached your goal, a free box will then automatically be added to your next renewal (so you won’t be charged for this one).
Your free box will automatically be applied to your next months renewal.
Absolutely, once you've earnt one free box refer another 2 friends and you'll earn another one.
We are sorry there is a problem, you can get in touch with us here and we'll be happy to sort it out.